Sunday, March 17, 2013

Oracle Team Productivity Center & SubVersion

How we can connect subversion and OPTC ? that's what we'll talk about today

first we need subversion server , i will use VisualSVN server (evaluation copy) for our demo to explain concept  , you can use what you like or choose free one ( VisualSVN is not free )

After installation , run server 

- Right click on Repositories 
- Choose create New repository


- Enter AdfRepository for name

- Right click on AdfRepository  
- Choose Project Structure 

- Enter Finance for project name 

because we use evaluation copy we will create user , with Enterprise Edition you can connect to active dirctory , or you can choose to use free subversion 
see Comparison of Subversion clients

- Go to Users ==>> right click and choose create user 
  say user name : waelSVN  , password : 123

  - Now open Jdeveloper , 
  - Connect to OPTC 
  - Login as optcadmin/welcome1

- Go to Team Administration

- Go to Repositories tab ==>> Versioning 
- Click on green button 
- Choose Subversion from connector list 
- Enter AdfRepository for Name 

- Go to Teams tab ==>> Team Repositories
- Check AdfRepository

- Back to Subversion Server 
- Copy URL for Repository

- Past value in server url 

- Log out and log in again as wael/wael  
- Double click on AdfRepository 
- Enter user name and password for Subversion User (waelSVN/123)
- Test connection  

- Your screen should be like following picture 

- Right click on AdfRepository  
- Choose New Remote Directory

- Enter Hr for name  


 - We can see change in JDeveloper 

- And in Subversion server 

more about subversion :

good luck