Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How to install Oracle Team Productivity Center (part 1)

First step :  create DB user to act as repository for Oracle Team Productivity Center (OTPC) schema 

Next , set JAVA_HOME

- Add location of JDK to path system variable 

Download server from oracle website 

- Open command prompt
- Go to folder which contain OPTC server 
- Type :  java  -jar  tpcinstaller.jar  in command prompt

 Welcome page will appear

- Check Team Productivity Center Server and Connectors

- Enter the user name that you define in first step 
   in our case optc1 / optc1   
- Test connection

 Enter user name and password for admin account

 - Select your application server type
   for Web Logic case the application server location will be
   middleware home\user_projects\domains\base_domain\autodeploy

     Note : you can install connector (ex:Jira Connector-MsProject)
     and add another one later 
    - Download your favorite connector from oracle website

     - You can search online for connector or install it from local file

    - Review and summary

In the next post i will describe how to use Oracle Team Productivity Center with JDeveloper

good luck

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