Friday, March 22, 2013

Oracle Team Productivity Center & Task

Oracle offer local task repository if you don't like to work with other programs like  Microsoft Project,Bugzilla or Jira  
How we can deal with local Task Repository ? See below 
  • Install Task Connector if you didnt install it before
Defining task repository and adding it to DevTeam
  • Connect to OPTC as administrator (otpcadmin/welcome1)
  • Go to Repositories tab
  • Click green button to add new repository
  •  Enter Task Repository for Name
  • Go to Teams tab ==>>Team Repository
  • Check Task Repository
  • Discount from OTPC
  • Connect as normal user (wael/wael)
  • Observe Task Repository under Work Items menu
 We will add a new task
  • Right click on Task Repository
  • Choose New Task

Enter Adding logo to Login page to Task Name
Enter Adding logo to Login page for Description

  • Click the search icon next to Assign to
  • Click the search button
  • Assign the task to Saleh  
  • Click save
Searching for the tasks assigned to Saleh
  • Disconnect from OTPC
  • Connect as saleh/saleh
  • Right click on Task Repository ==>> Query By ID
  • Enter 1
  • The Result

Another way to search for tasks
  • Right click on Task Repository ==>> New Query
  • Click on the search button
  • Choose Assigned to from the list in Search criteria area
  • Choose Saleh from the list
  • Click Save button
  • Enter My Tasks for Name
  • The Result 
  • At any time you can run My Tasks to know the tasks assigned to you

good luck

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