Saturday, March 16, 2013

Oracle Team Productivity Center & Jira (part1)

Today we will talk about OTPC and Jira , just download Jira and install it .

 - Jira is ready now and we defined project called ADF_Project 

- Click on create issue

- Change issue type to Task 
- Add description to task 
- Scroll down and press create to create Task


- Now start WebLogic 
- Start Jdeveloper 
- Connect to OTPC (user : otpcadmin  pass:welcome1)

- Choose Team Adminstrtion

- Go to Repositories tab ==>> work item 
- Click green button to add new repository

 - Try to change connector List,oppps there is no Jira connector 
    we need to Add it now 

To install Jira connector  :
- run installer of OPTC as described before how-to-install-oracle-team-productivity

- Choose Connectors only 

- Enter user name and password for DB user  (otpc1/otpc) 
- Test connection

- Choose WebLogic for Application Server Type
- Enter location of autoDeploy folder in Application Server

- Choose install from local file 
- Add location to Jira connector

- Press Install

Back to JDeveloper again
- Login as otpcadmin / welcome1 
- Go to Repositories tab
- Add new work item
- Choose Jira from connector list 
- Add name for repository, repository server ,  repository url 

- Go to Teams tab , Team Repositories, 
- Check Jira Repository to add it to DevTeam

- Log out from OTPC 
- Log in again as normal user like wael/wael

Notice :Jira Repository under Work Items Menu

- Double click on Jira Repository
- The following error message will be shown
- Click on Yes Button

- Enter user name and password for Jira user 
   (you need to add wael in Jira user)
- Test Connection


- Jira Repository is ready now

good luck

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