Monday, April 15, 2013

Entity Object based on Synonym issue

We have HR and Finance Database , in the schema of Hr we need to create an Entity Object Based on Synonym in Financial database.
when running wizard to create ADBC , we can't see any Eo or Vo !
I will explain how to reproduce the problem and how to solve it

The Design of the Database :
  • Ben_View is DB View in Finance
  • HR have the privilege to select data from Ben_View

Now start ADFBC wizard

Choose connection

choose Synonym only

Create Entity Object

Create View Object

Create Application Module

The result is ....... !!!
No Entity Object or View Object  , just Application module !

I have tried repeating the above steps with another synonyms and the result was good and normal !

ok , now let's look at Ben_View , Ben_View composed of two query and this is the difference between it and other synonyms 

the solution is very easy , we need to add primary key for Ben_View when creating EO.
i will create EO and add PK to it 

Now we can see EO inside the project

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